The firm specialises in the following areas:

• Employment Law;

• Corporate and Commercial Law Litigation
• Civil Litigation;
• Auditing and forensic investigations
• Contract Management;
• Compliance audit;
• Commercial Project Management;
• Debt Collection.
• Administrative Law
• Corporate Law & Constitutional Law


▪ Chairing disciplinary enquiries. ▪ Representing employees in disciplinary enquiries ▪ Representing employers as presenting officers/prosecutor in disciplinary enquiries

▪ Legal document/process

▪ Importing instructions and update information
▪ Allocation of instructions to the agents
▪ Communicate with debtors via Automated SMS notifications /Email Communication,
▪ System dialing and recording
▪ Send uncountable debtor’s information for data washing
▪ Issue section 129
▪ Generate PTP and settlements
▪ Collect via debit order
▪ Establish and monitor Payment plans and settlements
▪ Reports to client  



• disputes and laws that encompass landlords and tenants • environmental law • products liability • intellectual property disputes • construction • employment and labor issues • anti-trust laws • real estate • worker’s compensation, and • education law.

*disputes and laws that encompass landlords and tenants *environmental law *products liability *intellectual property disputes *construction *medical malpractice *employment and labor issues *anti-trust laws *real estate *worker’s compensation, and *education law.

• Litigation (both in the Magistrate’s Court and in the High Court);

• Reviewing of Contracts;

• Drafting of opinions

We have a team of professionals with specific expertise and experience in both administrative and constitutional law, and service clients within both the public and private sectors in this regard.

  • Reviews of administrative decisions of various types (including tender awards, regulatory decisions and other exercises of public power)
  • Launching urgent applications to compel or prohibit administrative action of various types
  • Instituting damages actions in respect of losses arising from unfair administrative action
  • Challenging policy or other legislative decisions taken outside the scope of an administrator’s powers




  • Enforcing and protecting various types of constitutional rights
  • Constitutional and Human Rights Litigation
  • Tender preparation and adjudication
  • Public procurement and public private partnerships (PPPs)
  • Regulatory compliance

  • Regulates the relationship between employers,
  • Regulates employees and trade unions in the Republic of South Africa.

  • overseeing compliance with internal processes
  • Overseeing procedures and reporting to Management
  • Investigate allegations of irregularities including fraud in line with policies, procedures and legislation and/or in line with department's methodology
  • Ensure that financial and business records are accurate, reliable and complete
  • Use the appropriate tools/investigative methodologies e.g. data analytics
  • Create fraud awareness internally through the different mediums
  • Compilation of comprehensive reports on all investigated incidence which should include findings, recommendations

  • process of managing the flows of contracts held between a company and its clients/a legal department and other divisions in a corporation
  • Elements of contract management include contract creation, negotiation, adherence, service level agreements, and documentation

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